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Suspended ceiling


  • Fiberstone fibre panels are thin (7 mm) and light (18 kg per m2) an can be installed quicky and reliably in suspended ceilings with visible framework.
  • Fiberstone hc 23 panels, weighing only 13 kg per m2 and avalaible in sizes up to 2400 x 1200 mm (subject to stone dimensions) can be fitted in suspended ceilings with visible framework or on hangers
  • Fiberstone glass panels can be fitted in backlit suspended ceilings with visible framework or on hangers.
  • Decorative use in entrance (lobbies) halls, conference rooms, offices, bathrooms, restaurants, lift cabins, shops, etc…

Typical description

Suitable product(s)

Irish Ferry


(Fiberstone fibre, hc 23 or glass)

Ceiling with full accessibility on almost all available visible framework systems, free fitting, replacing tiles of other materials.

Fiberstone fiber : Maximum width
600 mm
18 kg/m2
Fiberstone hc 23 : Maximum width
1200 mm
13 kg/m2
Fiberstone glass : Width and weight depend on glass thickness.

Mechanical attachment with hidden hangers - semi-mobile ceiling (Fiberstone hc) :

    • Brass inserts, factory sealed into aluminium honeycomb using epoxy resin (tensile strength per insert: 250 DaN).
    • Threaded rods Ø 6 mm with hangers, located on the secondary framework, in turn attached to the primary framework or bracketed directly to the surface.
    • The panels are fitted progressively, with flush joints. An edge finishing section, at least as wide as the hanger play, is required to locate the last panel.
    • The last panel may also be fitted via the cavity of a conventional suspended ceiling adjacent to the stone ceiling.
    • For large formats, consider how much space will be needed to handle and position the panels depending on the room size.

Mechanical attachment with occasional visible hangers (Fiberstone hc, Fiberstone glass) :

    • Holes are drilled in the panels, 10 cm from the edge.
    • A primary framework, perpendicular to the panel strips, is attached to the ceiling with threaded rods bolted to the concrete.
    • HALFEN HL rails are attached perpendicular to the primary framework;
    • HALFEN hooked threaded rods are placed on the HL rails in line with the holes in the panels. Attach the exposed or flush hangers through the holes.
    • Adjust the rails using the oblong slots.
    • Longitudinal panel alignment can be adjusted by sliding the hooks along the rails.
    • The height can be adjusted by screwing or unscrewing the hangers.


  • Fiberstone fiber - Métro Station Galtier - LYON Gerland
  • Fiberstone hc - Hall + sanitaires - bureaux 25, Rue Jean Goujon - PARIS 8ème
  • Fiberstone glass - Irish Ferry - Chantier Naval Finlandais
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