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Glued facades


  • For renovation, Fiberstone fibre or Fiberstone hc panels can be glued to facades using a flexible polyurethane sealant. This technique can be used to cover an existing surface coating with large, light, highly shock-resistant marble panels.
    • Shop facades,
    • basement facades,
    • balcony plinths

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Photo façade Antibes


  • The underlying surface should be clean, dry and cohesive, with no traces of grease. Traction tests may be performed with a SATEC or similar device, to check the tensile strength of any old coating and the sealant on the surface
  • Beads of sealant may be used to take up flatness defects of up to 10 mm. Larger defects will require either a smoothing coating or a primary vertical framework fitted on adjustable brackets.
  • Sikabond T2 polyurethane sealant is available in 310 ml cartridges. Typical consumption: 6 ml/cartridge for a 5 mm bead.
  • Beads of sealant are applied to the underside of the panels, at the edges and on diagonals.
  • Panels should be applied as they are glued. The tackiness of the sealant is usually sufficient to hold the panels in place. If not, rest on blocks during setting (see glue technical data sheets).
  • Joints of approx. 3 mm should be filled with Sikaflex coloured flexible joint.
  • For heights over 4 meters, a mechanical safety system using brackets, lugs or screws should be provided.
  • Fiberstone is available to give advice, draw up fitting instructions and conduct studies for special applications


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