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Illuminated floor


  • Fiberstone glass is translucent, making it ideal for decorative backlit raised floors.
  • Fibre optic lighting can also be used to illuminate the floor tiles from the edge.
  • The marble facing may be installed on the top or underside, or in a sandwich between two extra-clear glass panels.
  • Typical uses include entrance halls, shops, restaurants, exhibition stands, night clubs, etc.

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Photo doc Stand Bâtimat


  • For example, a Fiberstone glass composite with 21 mm laminated glass can be used with a maximum spacing of approx. 750 mm between supporting structures. A 1500 x 1500 mm panel needs to be supported on a frame every 750 mm. Panels are fitted on a perfectly flat, horizontal metal framework. The technical design of the framework should be performed by the metalwork supplier in accordance with the characteristics of the marble-glass panels.
  • A neoprene should be used between the support frame and the glass gasket.
  • To join with another floor surface, the edges of the marble should be protected by an edge covering section (glued with silicone).
  • Non-greasy silicone sealant suitable for marble (e.g. Dow Corning DC 897) or PU sealant should be used.
  • Seals containing carbon must not be used.
  • Joints between panels minimum 2 mm:
    • either silicone,
    • or filled with non-staining flexible seal,
    • or stabilised with nylon glazier's shims.
  • In all cases the glass and marble must not be in direct contact with metal sections.
  • Expansion joints should be used at the edges of rooms, around pillars and where the panels meet other floor surfaces.

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Illuminated floor

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Examples of support frames - top views


  • Stand Batimat
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