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Raised floor


  • Fiberstone fibre, is thin (7 mm), light (18 kg/m2) and flexible, making it an ideal natural hard floor covering for gluing to removable technical floors.
  • Fiberstone fibre may be factory-calibrated to the dimensions of the technical floor tiles or cut to approximate dimensions for calibration by the floor manufacturer.

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  • Fiberstone fibre may be glued to all existing technical floor tile surfaces.
  • Surfaces must be flat and dry, with no dust, grease, deposits, paint, laitance or non-adhesive sections.
  • Glue :
    • On all wood, concrete or steel surfaces: SIKABOND T5, applied with a suitable grooved spreader. As the glue requires humidity to polymerise and the surfaces are not exposed, air dry for 30 minutes before applying the panels (typical time at 23°C/ 50% RH). Use a solvent-soaked rag to clean the tools and wipe up any excess glue before polymerisation occurs. Never use alcohol-based products, which stop polymerisation.
    • On mineral surfaces, apply SIKA PRIMAIRE 215 primer and leave to dry for the stipulated time before applying SIKABOND T5 as above.
    • On metal surfaces subject to corrosion, apply SIKA PRIMAIRE 204 primer before applying SIKABOND T5.
    • If there is a possibility that greasy traces may remain on a metal surface, degrease with SIKAFLEX stripper (SIKA technical instruction sheet 5-99).
    • Wait at least 24 hours before commissioning.
  • For cutting, recessing and drilling, lay the panels flat on a bench, stone side up, and use cutting foam. Water-cooled diamond tools should be used in accordance with standard stonemasonry practice.
  • Protect finished panels with polyethylene film.
  • Fiberstone floor tiles should preferably be stored flat, and always stone face against stone face with polyethylene film in between



  • APICIL - ARCIL Pension Fund, Lyon, France
  • Crédit Agricole branch, Longwy, France
  • Crédit Agricole branch, Forbach, France
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