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AEG Facades (Attached External Glass)


  • Fiberstone glass panels for translucent facades are fitted using the conventional AEG (Attached External Glass) mechanical attachment system: braces, anchors and swivel fittings (Planar or Spiderglass type). This technique avoids the framework being visible through the translucent suspended panels, ensuring that the entire surface remains uniform.

The marble may be fitted in various ways: internally, sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass or externally (under development). The former two solutions have the advantage of protecting the marble from external damage (pollution, graffiti, salty spray).

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Fitting involves two phases:

  • Fitting the wall screen structure, including braces attached to concrete panels or intermediate take-up posts and cross attachments for the swivel fittings.
  • Placing the Fiberstone glass panels with swivel fittings (4 swivel fittings per panel).
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swivel fittings

  • Fiberstone is available to give advice, draw up fitting instructions and conduct studies for special applications.

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